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How do you start an organic vege box co-op at your school?   

Start by reading this page and filling out the 'sign your school up' form. Next send us an email and we will guide you through the whole process.
1/. Generate interest at your school. You need at least 20 parents at your school to fill out the "sign your school up' form

Please spread the word to your fellow school parents. You can do this by copying and pasting the message below to your class email list or as a text message to as many other parents at your school as possible.  Even better is an article in your school newsletter:

MOS  Logo Primary_CMYK_green.png


Email to send out to class lists

Do you want to go affordably organic with your family's weekly fruit and vege? If you are interested in starting an Organic vege box group at our school and saving funds to build vege beds and teach healthy eating classes to our students please watch this video:


and fill out this form to register your interest: 

Flyer to place in school newsletter (click to download)


2/. School facilitator
You will need to start with a motivated parent who will introduce the program to your school's principal and P&C association (if you have one). We call this person the 'school facillitator'.
3/. Covered divvying area and delivery spot for the fruit & vege.
It's helpful if there is a covered area to divide up the fruit & vegetables (we call this divvying) and as a delivery point for the bulk boxes of produce delivered by the 'My Organic School' truck driver.
4/. Lockable storage area
Cardboard boxes, divvy equipment and trestle tables should be stored in a lockable storage area if not we can work out a solution for your school.
5/. Present the program to your principal
Send an email to the principal and P&C president outlining the program and why it would be beneficial to the school's students and families. Remember to include a link to our promo video: 
and website

Sign your school up form

6/. Present the program at your school's P&C assc meeting. (we will come and help you)
Find out the time and place of your school's next P&C asscociation meeting, ask to have a presentation of 'My Organic School's' vege box group put on the agenda.
Send us an email:
and we will organise to send a 'My Organic School' staff member to come and present the program at the meeting.
7/. Call a school meeting to gauge interest.
Once you have the school Principal and P&C association on board you need to call a meeting at school. Most schools have a newsletter (hard copy, an app, website or by email). 'My Organic School' will send you an article to place in your school newsletter announcing the program and the meeting. We will also come to the meeting to present the program.
That might sound like a lot but really it's pretty straight forward and we'll help you through the process. It's important to follow every step to ensure a sustainable and long lasting organic vege buying group at your school with a strong core of member families.
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