Conquer your fear of the Artichoke.

May 18, 2018

So what are you going to do with those artichokes in  this week's box?


Artichokes are beautiful and aren't actually a vegetable they are the flower of a species of thistle. Lets conquer our fear of the artichoke.

1/. Cut off stem and top quarter.


2/. Rinse under cold running water to get rid of debris.
3/. Steam. For 30min, start at the boil and then reduce heat to simmer.


4/.You know its ready when you can easily pull off the petals with tongs.

5/. Drizzle with olive oil and sea salt.

1/. Cut off stem and top quarter, rinse. Chop in half down the middle.


2/. Pre heat oven to 220 degrees.
3/. Place in baking tray cut side up, squeeze with lemonjuice (to stop browning) and brush the whole piece with olive oil front and back.


4/. Season with salt and pepper.
5/. Put in oven for 30 min until brown and you can pierce the stem easily with a knife.



To Eat
Only eat the flesh off the petal, not the whole chewy petal.
So scrap off the flesh with your teeth like they are chips.
The Heart
1/. Remove all the leaves.


2/. Twist the stem off the heart.


3/. You will see the exposed hairy choke. Remove with a spoon.


4/. You will be left with the heart. 

5/.you can dice it up, throw it in a salad, eat whole, dip in a vinagerette.

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