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"Because there is pesticide residue on conventionally grown fruit and vegetable produce that is scientifically proven to probably be carcinogenic!"

Why Organic?

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Organic food is more sustainable


Organic food isn't just more delicious - it is also better for the environment! By choosing to go organic you are helping to minimise unnecessary pollution caused by fertilisers and chemical pesticides.


Organic farmers use methods and materials which minimise any negative impact on the environment, maintaining biodiversity of the ecosystem and fostering healthy soil and growing conditions.

Keeping your family healthy


Reducing our use of chemicals is good for the environment - and it is also good for you. Organic fruit and vegetable are grown without the use of pesticides, so when you choose organic, you are lowering the level of chemicals consumed by your family every day.


Children benefit from a healthy diet rich in whole foods and high in nutrients. The Australian Government releases a list of nutritious food children should be eating, top of this list is, of course, fruit and vegetables.

As parents, we want to be sure our children are eating the healthiest of foods. A new study by the British Journal of Nutrition also shows that organic food contains higher levels of antioxidants than non-organic food, so your family will get greater protection from the free radicals and harmful elements in the environment.

If it's not certified, it's not organic


We take organic food seriously and only buy produce from farms who have received certification. Before a farmer can start selling food labelled as 'certified organic', the farm must be inspected by a certifying body to ensure organic practices are being followed. Soil is tested and the farm is monitored regularly to make sure it is following regulations. Organic certification is the only guarantee to you that the produce is really organic.


Giving Farmers a Fair Price

Getting you the best possible price for your organic produce is a priority for us, however when you buy Organic you can also be guaranteed the farmers who grow the produce are getting a fair price for their hard work. We go to the markets every day to ensure what you buy for your family is the freshest available. We handpick the best quality produce from reputable growers that we know and trust.

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