eco veggie bags  

these bags are the perfect way to take your produce home from the school co-op.


to have the bags delivered to your veggie box at your school co-op page



if you want the bags freighted to your home address please click on the image.


AFTER TRANSFERRING YOUR BOX INGREDIENTS TO YOUR BAG Please return your cardboard box to your co-op's storage area and remove the yellow name label.   

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 Our eco bags come in string our jute. If you are in one of our school organic veggie box co-ops you can buy the bag through your co-op's school page here  and the bags will be waiting in your weekly organic veggie box at pick.
You can stuff a normal sized veggie box load of produce into one bag but it would be better to buy 2 and even out the load without crushing the produce as you walk or drive home form the school co-op.
The bags are much easier to carry the produce in than the boxes. Using the bags makes the co-op more sustainable as we will not run out of boxes for the divvy of produce. Plus it helps us on our mission to go single use plastic free.
If you are transferring your produce from the veggie box into the your veggie bag (that you will bring when picking up your box) please remember to remove your yellow name label from the box (to reduce confusion) and place the box in the allocated storage area at your school.