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'The Veggie Buddies' 10 week curriculum is focused on giving K-4 primary school students an engaging experience of where their food really comes from. The course is a Federal Curriculum aligned series of classes. All classes are designed to be taught in and around school veggie beds which create the perfect outdoor classroom although they can be taught in the classroom setting. The course is highly interactive and play based so students experience higher rates of engagement and retention which creates life long nutritional change. The STEM areas of Science, technology, English and Maths are emphasised with the addition of Physical health and Wellbeing. The course emphasises sustainability and includes a teacher's professional development 3hr module giving teachers all of the skills necessary to teach the Veggie Buddies curriculum in their school's veggie beds.



The full 10 week curriculum will be available for free download by every school operating a 'My Organic School' organic veggie box co-op or by authority given to schools on a school by school basis. For more info contact "My Organic School's" founder 

David Walsman directly: walsmandavid@gmail.com

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veggie buddies educator certification course.

In addition a 3 hr Professional development online course for teachers and parents will be available free for all schools  operating a 'My Organic School' organic veggie box co-op.

Register your interest in accessing the educator certification course here: click here

course introduction

sample class: soil, worms and compost class 4

sample class: eat your root veggies class 8

3 hr educator certification course

professional development