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Avocados have quite a short shelf life when ripe and it is difficult

to time a weeks worth of eating in one purchase. If you receive

avocado that is just too hard and you can't wait to eat it, put it inside a black bin liner with a ripe banana and it will speed up the ripening process.



Keep them out of the fridge. If you have some left over bananas, don't forget to peel them and freeze them for your smoothies. Better still try my tried and tested banana bread recipe, great for an at work snack.



Keep in the fridge. If you have any left overs; slice the fig like a baked potato and make a well by pinching either side of the cross. Mix some soft goats cheese with chopped chives, olive oil and S&P. Spoon the mixture into the well and wrap in prosciutto. Roast at 180 deg for about 5-10 minutes or until cheese starts melt.



Keep them stored in a cool, dark area.



Keeping them in the fridge is fine. Left overs; simply rub with oil and roast until the skin blackens. When cool, peel and seed it then cover it in olive oil and it will last up to 3 weeks. Use it; Sliced in salads, mixed into scrambled eggs, stirred into pasta dishes. If you crush a garlic clove and stir it into the oil they are great on an antipasto plate.



I never seem to finish a whole cucumber but maybe that's just me! Peel, seed and dice it then mix with chopped mint, lemon juice, and natural yoghurt. A simple riatta for your curries.


Vine ripened tomato

Never in the fridge! The tomatoes are still receiving nutrients from the vine and this will stop once refrigerated. If you have any left over; slice in half and rub with a cut piece of raw garlic. These are great grilled for breakfast.


Spanish onion

Cool and dark. Any left overs; cut into wedges and toss in olive oil, thyme leaves and S&P. Roast for about 30 minutes or until soft. Use them salads, stirred into pasta dishes or on an antipasto plate.



At the end of the week the salad can sometimes start to fade. Put it into a cold bowl of water and refrigerate for an hour. It will bring it back to life - it's called refreshing in the industry!



Although it looks fantastic to have aromatic herbs sprawling from your fridge, it isn't the best way to make them last. Tightly roll them in glad wrap and they should last about 5 days. However due to recent high rainfall most of the produce has a much higher water content. This has been affecting the shelf life of some produce.

Tips on storing your produce

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