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living outdoor classrooms

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Welcome to the exciting world of outdoor education. Outdoor classrooms have been increasing in popularity throughout schools internationally and here in Australia. Outdoor learning improves children’s health, increases children’s engagement with learning and leads to a greater connection with nature. Play based learning not only  teaches critical life skills such as resilience, teamwork and creativity but is central to children’s enjoyment of childhood.


After discovering the benefits of outdoor learning we were inspired to create a facility specifically designed to easily incorporate the Australian Curriculum outdoors, ‘the Living Outdoor Classroom was born.

would you like to create a living outdoor classroom at your school? you can download "create an outdoor living classroom at your school" workshop notes here:

If you are an educator who would like to advocate for creating an outdoor classroom at your school this is an excellent resource  download workshop


Thoughtful Design and modular for expansion.

We believe the living outdoor classroom needs to be beautifully designed, well positioned, irrigated, with excellent interactive signage, have attached tables for classes, excellent organic soil and a diverse assortment of start up organic seedlings planted and mulched to create an awesome learning facility.  Most importantly the units are modular and able to be expanded to create a classroom for up to 30 children on 5 of the outdoor classroom units.


Thoughtful design and planning creates an outdoor living classroom that will have a significant impact on a school’s learning outcomes, be appreciated by teachers, students and parents who will embrace the living outdoor classroom as a cherished component of the school’s learning matrix.


Continuing Supply of organic vegetable seedlings for the outdoor living classroom

School’s running a My Organic School Community Organic Veggie Box Co-op will be supplied with seasonal organic seedlings to plant out the beds on a rotational basis.


Perfect for teaching the Australian Curriculum

Classes able to be effectively taught in the facility include: literacy, numeracy, design/technology, science and art. There is a body of class work sheets available to be taught in outdoor classrooms available on our website (coming soon)


Where does your food come from?’  curriculum

My Organic School is currently working on an online curriculum called “Where does your food come from?” The course will satisfy the following specific areas of the Australian curriculum:


Investing in a new school classroom (not just a veggie bed)

Our Living Outdoor Classrooms are actually an investment in an additional school classroom to teach students at your school, not just a veggie bed.


The images attached are the beds we build as per our own design.


Dimensions: 3.2m long by 1.1m wide and 550mm high. (merbau timber)


Fully constructed onsite with:


2 installed all weather round timber like tables for student classes attached with brackets.

Filled with premium organic soil, 

Plumbed with 4 sprayer irrigation, 

Planted with 50 organic seedlings and sugar cane mulched. 

Installed with informative signage.


Total Cost with Labour $3000* plus GST each. (*additional expenses may be incurred due to difficult truck accessibility for soil and supplies delivery, availability & location of plumbed water) 



Enquiries: David Walsman



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Veggie bed signage

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