Box contents.  


Produce is delivered to our warehouse and out to you in the shortest possible time. It's super fresh. Your produce isn't sitting around on retail shelves being handled by countless customers.



You will find a good mix of staples each week; lettuce, carrots, zucchini, potatoes, apples, mandarins, bananas etc.



The contents of the Mixed Organic Fruit and Vege boxes change every week. It depends on what is in season and what is going for the best price, these 2 factors usually coincide.


Seasonality equals abundance of harvested produce, think citrus in winter, cauliflower in winter, mangoes in summer. 

Mix of certified organic items and items form the "clean 15".

Our low tox fruit and vege boxes are made up of a majority of certified organic items and complimented with items from the "clean 15".   The majority of each week's box consists of organic produce from farms using organic agriculture methods.the clean 15 list of produce have the lowest levels of pesticide residue.

clean 15produce

  1. Avocado

  2. Sweet Corn

  3. Pineapple

  4. Onion

  5. Papaya

  6. Sweet Peas Frozen

  7. Eggplant

  8. Asparagus

  9. Cauliflower

  10. Cantaloupes

  11. Broccoli

  12. Mushrooms

  13. Cabbage

  14. Honeydew Melon

  15. Kiwi





June  2020

may 2020

sample Box contents 31st may 2018.  



Duke Organic.  

Apples Red Delicious  Forest Orchards Organic Farmer.  

Black Kale

Issis River Organics  


Issis River Organics  

MixedHerbsJarcman Organic.  

Banana Cavendish 

Rob Abbott 



Rehberger Orgaics  

Mushrooms  Bennala Organic Mushrooms  

Oranges Nave


Harvest Organic  

Pumpkin Butternut

Nature's Haven 


Wild Rocket

Coolibah Herb.  



Wombat Organics  

Cherry Tomatoes 

Isis river Organics