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Clovelly Public School's

organic veggie box buying group page.

Parents volunteer to divvy bulk produce into family boxes weekly making the organic produce up to 45% cheaper than retail. 
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open to everyone in the local

community not just school families.

school facilitator:

Amy Ryan, 0433069893,

Step 1:
   become a member:
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To order your 1st vege box please become a member & receive your emailed password.
buy a veggie box
any questions please contact the school facilitator or email  
Step 2:
Click here to buy a box.
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buy a carry bag
time of divvy of produce:

3pm every Thursday of school term

ordering cutoff time:

Midnight Tuesdays

divvy location:
Box pickup:


under awning of library building between staircases

under awning of library building

between staircases

Until 6pm Thursdays in after care hall.

 helping to divvy the produce:

Please refer to the divvy roster on this page. Members who are free are asked to volunteer every 2nd or 3rd week for 30-45min. We could do with your help any Thursday that you are free, just come on down and lend a hand, it's fun. 

view member's contact details:
password emailed
after becoming a member
 suspend recurring payment:
stop being a member:

box ingredients feedback:

Step 6: please volunteer to help us pack the boxes
divvy roster for Clovelly st public school


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