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coledale public school's  ORGANIC veggie box buying group page

Step 1:
   become a member:
password emailed
after becoming a member

open to everyone in the local

community not just school families.

all residents.png
Step 2:
buy a veggie box
use this tab to purchase a one off box before midnight tuesdays or take out a recurring order at any time.
buy a box.jpg
Step 3: pay yearly membership
If you wish to continue after 2 deliveries please pay the yearly fee. it covers equipment & administration
expenses. Thanks.
Step 4: signup to help pack the boxes

(not compulsory if you are working) your help

2-3times per semester would be awesome.

Step 5: how it works
school facilitator:
Step 6: extra details.
password emailed
after becoming a member
view member's contact details:
time of divvy of produce:

2.30 pm every Thursday of school term

 suspend recurring payment:
ordering cutoff time:

Midnight Tuesdays

stop being a member:
unsubscribe from emails and sms
divvy location:

School kitchen building, rear of school.

Box pickup:

Until 5.30pm when school gate is locked

Thursdays pergola outside of kitchen building.

box ingredients feedback:

box label example yellow.jpg

only take the box with your name label on it

and bring your own bags to take oyur produce home!

Step 7: please volunteer to help us pack the boxes
Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 11.27.08
divvy roster for coledale public school
location for members COLEDALE Public Sch


please follow our instagram
account for recipes etc.

Coledale public school's  ORGANIC vegie box co-op page

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