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david walsman's bio  

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David Walsman
Community driven food distribution innovator, Permaculture Designer, Educator

My Organic School: Social enterprise founder:

Creates and administers a network of Organic, School Community, Veggie Box groups making organic produce affordable for all Australian families.

Veggie Buddies Curriculum:


Founder of the 10 week primary school healthy eating & veggie gardening curriculum. Veggie buddies is fully aligned with the federal curriculum and is taught in school veggie beds.

"I love connecting kids with the source of their food & empowering communities to help themselves by working together for the common good. My number one priority is raising my daughter to feel loved while developing resilience, health consciousness and a deep connection with our local community "

‘Veggie Buddies’ is a healthy eating curriculum that is taught in school veggie beds. All classes are aligned with the federal curriculum subjects of (S,T,E,M) Science, technology, English, Maths & Physical Health and Wellbeing. With an emphasis on play based learning all classes are taught in outdoor classrooms created by school’s veggie beds.

The ‘My Organic School’ mission is to create lasting, healthy nutritional change by making organic produce affordable. We do this by building the administrative tools to make organic buying cooperatives scalable and rolling them out in Australian schools. In essence we are disrupting the conventional distribution model of organic produce.



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