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Week 2, What a cracking box.

Our co-op's second delivery was an absolute cracker. The divvy teams are having fun learning how to get the produce packed up quick smart.

The quality and freshness of the produce has been wonderful. This is a no brainer really, our produce doesn't spend time languishing in a retailer's loading bay and on their shelf.

It isn't handled by hundreds of other customers and thrown back on the shelf. Organic produce isn't frozen and stored like conventional apples. Our tomatoes aren't picked green and artificially ripened with Ethylene gas, giving the impression of ripeness without the taste. Above all our produce is not sprayed with chemicals!

We've had a few families sending in photos of their nightly recipes and kitchen creations. So I now welcome everyone to post to our Facebook page. Please send those dinner shots in along with recipes check it out here

Delphi and I had a little fun in the kitchen making pumpkin soup, salad and root veggies with our box last night.

Aline McCarthy our incredible head divvyer is responsible for getting our boxes packed each week. She's been getting stuck into her organic produce on Thursday night with this yummy creations

Made salad with pan fried zucchini and mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, cucumber

and then gluten free pizza base with mushrooms, herbs, garlic, onion and whatever else I could find. For the kiddos it was tomato pizza and broccoli with soy sauce as a side dish. (Watching the veggie intake there)

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