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Reducing our children's Glyphosate exposure.

Glyphosate is a massive issue for our children’s health, it is found in roundup and is heavily sprayed in our parks and on our crops. The major ways our children are exposed are through food and inhalation and touch from parks.

Glyphosate has been linked to

  • CANCER, it is a known carcinogen which is a component known to cause cancer

  • ENDOCRINE DISRUPTION it can attach to endocrine organs and which effects our children’s, growth, immunity and brain function

  • BIRTH DEFECTS in livestock it has been known to cause birth defects in stock that is fed high glyphosate grains

  • NERVOUS SYSTEM TOXICITY it is highly toxic to the nervous system


The three main steps we need to take to reduce our children’s exposure to glyphosate is

  1. CUT OUT BREAKFAST CEREALS and replace with nutrient dense meals

  2. Boiled egg with vegetable sticks

  3. Protein superfood smoothie

  4. Grain free pancakes with egg and banana only

  5. See recipes attached


  7. Paying attention specifically to the CLEAN FIFTEEN AND THE DIRTY DOZEN