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Only Certified organic produce in our boxes! No :"if's no buts".

All of the produce in our veggie boxes is certified 100% organic, our produce comes from farmers whose farms are audited and a wholesaler whose operation is rigorously inspected. No “ifs” no “buts”. If your produce isn’t certified organic it is probably covered in synthetic pesticide residue. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous businesses trading off the ‘organic’ name but not delivering truly organic produce. They are abusing their customer’s good faith by confusing and misleading practices. They only fill boxes with ‘some’ organic produce, they use supposedly ‘chemical free’ growers who have no accountability. Why are they doing this? Purely to make extra profit at the expense of their customer’s health. It is time for the Australian government to legislate and regulate the use of the word ‘organic’ in Australia so it can only be used to describe produce that has been certified organic by the government approved certification body known as @australianorganic .

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