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Our Vision: To make organic produce affordable for all Australian families.

The primary goal of our Community Organic Veggie Box programs is to make organic produce affordable for all Australian families. Toxic exposure is a growing epidemic for our children and we believe organic produce should be the default, not seen as a niche luxury. We make organic affordable by giving communities the tools to work together to pack and distribute their toxin free, fresh produce every Thursday arvo at their local school. All of our community organic programs are open to all local residents and we give back by teaching healthy education classes in school veggie beds called the 'Veggie Buddies" 10 week course.

Earlier this year we had a great win lobbying the Waverley Council to ban the use of glyphosate on our open spaces after a branch of the World Health Organisation found that the world's most used pesticide was probably carcinogenic. Unfortunately glyphosate is found on a large amount of our conventionally grown produce. Of course no glyphosate is used in the growing of certified "organic' produce. All produce in our veggie boxes is 100% certified organic, always, no 'if's , no buts".

This week our Naturopathic Ninja, Emily Yates, tackles Glyphosate on our Kid's breakfast cereals. Emily has 3 easy breakfast recipes to replace cereal from your family's morning routine. click on image to go to the blog post.

Have a great (chemical free day).


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