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What do you do with all of these vegies?

ANSWER: Soup 'em up & Roast 'em up!

It's all about saving time, combining tasks and getting the job done fast.

So how do we get all these nutritious vegies into our meals with as little fuss as possible?

Time to get the chopping board out and pump out a vegie soup and roast vegies. You can add beef or chicken to the soup and throw the roast vegies into salads with goats cheese and kale.

Try adding mandarin to the roast veggies, kids love the sweetness that comes out as they caramelise.

15mins and you've got 3-4 meals done and dusted for the week.

1. Peel & chop

2. Start with onions and garlic as a base and add pulses later

3. Caramelise onions and garlic

4. Hey presto your soup is ready in 1.5hr

5. ....And the extra cut vegies are ready to throw in the oven after a drizzle of olive oil and a toss with sea salt

6. ...The simple, nutritious and very yummy results

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