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getting rid of worms effecting your kids with food.


WORMS - Excellent for your garden but not great for your child’s GUT!

Common symptoms of worms

  • WORMS can cause frequent night waking as they become more active at night and irritate the gut lining. In only a small percentage of cases will you ever actually see the worms within the faeces often you won’t see the worms

  • Your child will be a very restless sleeper, covers all over the place, calling out in the night and being unrefreshed from sleep

  • WORMS lay ova and cysts in the gastrointestinal tract which cause itchy bottom and itchy noses, so chronic nose pickers and night waking

  • Worms open the door to allow a whole bunch of other parasites such a dientomeoba fragilis and blastocystis hominis

  • For girls vulval itching can be a symptom or urinary tract infections

  • Frequent and lowered immunity

  • Not all these symptoms have to be present

Common misconceptions

  • That you will see the worms if your child has the worms

  • That they come from pets, humans are the only vector, so the can’t exist without a host, and that host is human not animal

  • You just need to worm them with combantrim (from chemist) once and they are gone.


Ensure you use combantrim and a natural remedy, and worm twice in one week

Worm the whole family at the same time so you stop cross infecting


GARLIC! Garlic is natures antibiotic. In a raw or roasted form it can be awesome in keeping the gut free of bugs.

(please note garlic is not an adequate treatment for these gut bugs, but the use of it in the diet will help to prevent re-infection)


2 bunches parsley, roughly chopped

2 bunches of basil, roughly chopped

4 tablespoons of cold pressed oil

40g pine nuts

15g parmesan cheese

1 clove garlic

2-3 tablespoons lemon juice

pinch of black pepper

pinch of sea salt

Combine the parsley, basil and garlic in the food processer

Process until the herbs have been roughly chopped

Add the pine nuts lemon juice, salt, pepper, parmesan and olive oil

Process again until your mixture forms a lovely green chunky paste

Store in glass jar in the refrigerator and use for up to 5 – 7 days

If you suspect your child has worms, please seek advice from your primary health care provider, Naturopath or gut literate GP

Emily Yates Naturopath ph: 0414 071 314

3/191 Bronte Road, Queens Park NSW 2022

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