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Introducing My Organic School's wonderful volunteers.

Our organic produce co-op can only run with the dedicated help of our wonderful volunteers.

I'd like to introduce My Organic School's buyer Tina Clark. She has done a wonderful job settling into the buying role. This is a challenging job which requires taking many variables into consideration: quality of past produce from specific growers, contents of previous week's box, divisibility of the item by the number of member's purchasing e.g. cabbages are 12 in a box (27 families ordered this week), seasonality of produce. Thank you Tina for taking on this role for the co-op.

Secondly we have our extremely efficient and dedicated head divvyer Aline McCarthy. Aline is responsible for organising the volunteers, setting out the tables, stock taking the delivered produce, making sure it gets packed into the member's boxes, cleaning up and communicating with Tina Clark and Lisa Sherrad at the Bronte School P&C to make sure the produce is paid for each week. Thanks Aline.

Lisa Sherrard Is the Bronte School P&C's treasurer and makes sure BOPCO's Bills are paid. She keeps us on the straight and narrow and has been a huge help in getting My Organic School off the ground. Thanks for all your help Lisa.

You might have noticed that our carrots this week were a little less than perfect. Our supplier substituted in juicing quality carrots for our out of stock premium quality purple carrots ordered. We have followed up with them in an attempt to maintain the quality of the box ingredients each week. I thought it was a perfect reason to pull out my juicer and and take care of last week's left over celery and the juicing carrots.

......and the celery, carrot and lemon juice was absolutely delicious and seemed to match the warmer change in weather.

Please send in your organic produce kitchen creations to our Facebook page.

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