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Are you interested in buying a box of bulk organic beef cuts straight from the farmer?

We are in discussions with organic short horn cattle breeder Charlie Arnott of 'Hannamino' station in Boorowa NSW to deliver mixed boxes of beef cuts, sausages and mince to BOPCO members during our box pickup on Thursday arvos once per month.

Knowing where our meat comes from, how it is cared for, that it is pasture fed, that it is pesticide and added hormone free is a wonderful incentive to buying a mixed organic box from Charlie. Please have a look at this short video of Charlie's farm.

Your feedback is needed:

We are still working out the size of the boxes on offer to BOPCO members. For now can you please let me know if you would be:

1/. interested in buying Organic beef through BOPCO

2/. interested in a 17kg - 19kg mixed box for $330

In a 17-19kg box you get a ‘representative sample’ of the entire animal. This consists of a variety of primary cuts, secondary cuts, roast, diced beef, stripped beef, gluten and preservative free sausages, mince and grass fed beef burger patties. All cuts are cryo-vaced in sealed plastic bags.

3/. interested in a 10kg mixed box approx $160 - 200.

Please send an email with the box size you would be interested in. I was concerned that most members would not have a freezer big enough for the 19kg box. Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Here is an example of the contents of a 17kg - 19kg box:

Primary Cuts

1tray of T bone Steaks (2 per tray)

1 pack of Sirloin Steaks (2 to a pack)

1 pack of Rump steak (2 to a pack)

1 pack of Scotch fillet (2 to a pack

Secondary cuts

1 tray of ribs - 2 per tray

1 tray of osso bucco - 2 per tray

1 pack of minute steaks - up to 5 per pack

1 pack BBQ steak -2 per packRoasts

1 rolled roast – 1.8kg

1 Beef Roast – 1.8kg

The Entertainers

2 packs of diced beef

2 packs of strip

6 mince

3 trays of our “flavour of the month” sausages

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