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Educating with 'Wonderment.'

BEING IN ‘WONDERMENT’ is a peak educational state for both students and educators. But how do we nurture this state of wonderment? We learned a profound lesson in today’s “Vegetable Propagation” class. When asked how the dissected vegetables know how to shoot roots and grow leaves one smart 7 yo student shouted “DNA”. The real gold was where the discussion went from there. We talked about the miraculous way in which nature fights to survive and flourish. A potato cut in half and dunked in water will sprout roots, a miracle! The true lesson for the kids and for myself as a teacher is that the experience of perpetually being in “wonderment” at the miracles of nature makes us grow as people. It is our cup of water that grows the roots of our imagination. As heart centred parents and teachers we should all start by fostering wonderment in our children’s learning experience, it’s actually easy, it’s all around us in nature and in our children’s eyes, it’s our default.

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