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Eco Veggie Bags in all our Co-Ops

Eco Veggie Bag Intiative!

We would love all our members to transfer their produce into bags at the school co-op so we never run out of boxes, never use plastic, it's easier for you to carry your produce home......and you look cool.

We are delivering Eco Veggie Bags to the co-ops!

You can purchase a string or jute Eco Veggie Bag to be delivered to your veggie box through your school co-op page here:

These bags are the perfect way to take your produce home from the school co-op.

You can purchase a bag to be delivered to your home here (freight charges added):


AFTER TRANSFERRING YOUR BOX INGREDIENTS TO YOUR BAG Please return your cardboard box to your co-op's storage area and remove the yellow name label.

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