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Whats's in the box?

We are always asked what do you get in our Organic Veggie Boxes?

You will find a good mix of staples each week; lettuce, carrots, zucchini, potatoes, apples, mandarins, bananas etc. Approximately 11-13 ingredients.


The contents of the Mixed Organic Fruit and Vege boxes change every week. It depends on what is in season and what is going for the best price, these 2 factors usually coincide. Seasonality equals abundance of harvested produce, think citrus in winter, cauliflower in winter, mangoes in summer. ​

Affordable Organic:

Our produce is organic and up to 45% less than normal retail shop fronts because your school co-op secures the same wholesale prices shops do. You're not paying for shop rents, staffing, fitouts etc.


Produce is delivered to your school the same day the farmer dispatches to 'My Organic School'. It's super fresh. Your produce isn't sitting around on retail shelves being handled by countless customers.

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