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Kefir for a healthy gut flora. The Naturopathic Ninja Emily Yates.


We hear a lot about what disrupts our microbiome, but there are many ways we can cultivate healthy gut flora and ensure that that flora or microbiome stays strong.

Our guts are just like a garden, they need a base level of soil. The deeper layers are like the soil in the garden, the mucosal lining is the fertiliser and the villi is the grass, herbs or vegetables that grow, taking in oxygen and nutrients to cultivate.

In order for our gardens (gut) to grow healthily, there needs to be a strong protective layer of good microbiome/bacteria. This helps to protect from any threats such as poor nutrients, dehydration, sugar, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals and preservatives.

One of the best sources of probiotics and good microbiome is keffir. It is easy, simple and affordable to make. Keffir has been proven to have many more strains of good bacteria than probiotics.

You can use keffir as you would yoghurt, serve with fruit and nuts or in a smoothie.


1 packet Body Ecology Keffir granules

1 litre of organic dairy milk (you can also use coconut milk or almond milk)

1 clean glass jar

Mix the granules with the milk and leave on kitchen bench until it starts to separate. Depending on the weather, it ferments faster in the heat, and slower in the winter.



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